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Idaho’s Corvette License Plate 

It is our character as Americans to help those who are in need. How appropriate then that the Idaho Corvette License Plate will not only display an appreciation for an American icon but will also give you the opportunity to help children’s charitable organizations throughout Idaho. During the years 1995-2003 Valley Corvettes in Boise dedicated their effort to raising funds to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis in the amount of $484,000. Since 2003 with the introduction of the Corvette plate, Corvette Clubs across Idaho have been able to donate to children’s charities with the funds received from the sale of this license plate. By purchasing this “Corvette” plate for your car, truck, or SUV you will be celebrating “The American Icon”, the American Spirit, and helping support these charities and those kids in need.

Where does the money go?

Valley Corvettes of Idaho has established a special “Charity Support Fund” where the $25.00 of each initial fee and $15.00 of each renewal will be managed by the Board of Directors and all funds will be used exclusively to support children’s charities within the state of Idaho. Any Citizen of Idaho may request funds for an organization by contacting the Chairman, Charity Support Activities who will verify if the organization qualifies for support from the fund and make the appropriate recommendation to the Board of Directors.

A Club that Cares 

The specialty Corvette license plate began sales in 2003. Valley Corvettes of Boise had the intent to direct the revenue generated from the sales of these places to charities within the state of Idaho to help children. Valley Corvettes receives $25.00 for each new registration and $15 for each renewal of the plate.

To date, South East Idaho Corvettes, Snake River Corvettes and the Valley Corvettes have raised over $301,000.00 for charities throughout Idaho. In addition to the license plate fund Valley Corvettes raised $484,000 over a 10-year period 1994-2003 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The above does not include the countless hours the members spend in giving of their time and money to serve others at fund raising events such as the JDRF Walkathon and many other community needs. Valley Corvettes also does many activities to support the community by providing Corvettes for parades of local functions as well as local high schools, Boise State University, and Veterans in the Veterans Day Parade.

Mini Joys 

We are so excited to let you know that Mini Joys kicked-off Spring 2021 programs with a wonderful group from Teen Challenge, Boise Girls Academy on Thursday. They volunteered their help for a little Mini Ranch spring clean-up, then they enjoyed their time learning to work with the miniature horses, donkey, and even the goats. Refreshments were served as the girls could do some fun artwork or just hang out in the tree house, or anywhere around the ranch for a nice break in the peaceful setting along the creek. We were blessed with beautiful sunny, spring weather!

We concluded by coming together for an important life lesson, which has been newly added to our Mini Joys curriculum. We titled it JOY or HAPPINESS, Are They the Same? Several of our volunteers contributed to developing it, and I had the privilege of delivering it to the teens. We gathered near the fire pit and the girls listened intently, often nodding and smiling as we talked about how true JOY is developed. A JOY that sustains us - even during the rougher times of life.

We wish you could have been here to experience the learning, the special interactions, and especially the JOY and LAUGHTER! We sure hope you know how much our Mini Joys crew appreciates YOU, and we hope YOU know that YOU are making this all happen!!!!

Laurie Bell
Mini Joys Executive Director
The Mini Ranch
15000 N. McFarland Creek Rd.
Boise, ID 83714
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