Corvettes & Classics Event

By Misc Club Members | 9/26/2020

CORVETTES & CLASSICS is a Vallley Corvette Members Only event that was added to our  annual  calendar in  2012 for the  purposes of  reserving  Kleiner  park on the off year of VetteFest so we did not lose the week in the parks system.  Members  bring their Corvette and display it on the grass and if a  member has a Classic Car, Pickup or Truck they bring them to share with the other members also.

In January we had (a member Larry Brown and a Sponsor Scott Cluff of Xpel ) call with offers to help and set the wheels in motion to make the event happen this year.  It is always so good to have people willing to volunteer to help as it takes a lot of work to make an event of this size happen.

In 2020 this event was a little more challenging but we were able to make it happen by making a few revisions.  First we delayed it from July until September (with the Meridian Parks blessings while still keeping July date for VetteFest next year) and finally to move it away from the more populated area to a location where there would not be so many spectators from the community attending ( Ada county guidelines) .

Our choice of the location was Fruitland Idaho as we had in the past used that facility to host our Huckleberry Pancake Breakfast and knew it was a location that would fit our needs… We contacted them and immediately made a few changes.  Now it was a drive instead of a show on the grass.  We originated the drive at the Overland & Ten Mile Park N Ride where we had 61 Corvettes as well as a few classics with 114 people join us.  Special thanks to Donna Saylor, Deanna Miller and Candace Wright for getting the insurance releases completed and handing out the explicate driving directions for the 57 mile drive on paved highways while avoiding going thru any towns and the many areas of road construction !!    We had a unique experience  where at the 4 Way stop at Unstick and Black Cat  a pickup truck facing us stopped turned on his all flash and waved us all thru a Left hand turn.  What a great individual! 

Thanks to Larry Brown, Ileen & Dave Russell ,Mike & Beverly Healy, Vern & Dolores Sager, Debbie Johnson, Jack Waugh and Linda Sager who went early to set up when we arrived we were provided with a  fantastic lunch!(served by Deanna, Cathy ,Larry, Dolores & Linda ) we were also presented with goodie bags (prepared by Mike & Beverly Healy) a great selection of raffle items (prepared by Debbie Johnson)  and a travel mug provided thanks to our sponsors.

A Special Thanks goes out to  Bobby Petersen of Fairly Reliable Bob’s, Scott Cluff of Xpel, Cary Hooper of Glass Doctor of Meridian, Tom Honnald of Interstate Batteries and Shawn Page of Boise Muffler.  Be sure if you need any of these services that you utilize these sponsors and tell them thanks for their continued support of Valley Corvettes.