Bavarian Get-Away

Thursday, September 17, 2020

By: Dave Sanford, Activities Director


September 17-20, 2020

"Stroll the streets of Leavenworth to
experience world-class wine, food,
and beer, and wonderful shopping,
all served with a side of

The summer run for Valley Corvettes to Leavenworth, WA is still on, despite the virus. Arrangements with the Bavarian Inn have been made for lodging. And, a dinner at Andreas Keller for some of the best German sausages is awaiting, as well as some fun Corvette roads on the Chumstick Loop. This has the makings of a delightful road trip. If you plan to go and have not made hotel reservations, there are still five rooms left.
The phone number for the hotel is,

If you have questions or have decided you would like to go,

please contact me by responding to this email or calling


Dave Sanford, Activities Director